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Hi I'm Elise, founder of Rise CannaCoaching, and breast cancer thriver.


I started Rise after experiencing first hand how difficult it is to get sound, evidence based information about how to use cannabis as a cancer patient. 


Physicians are increasingly becoming more comfortable with their patients using cannabis, as they continue to see them benefit from it's use. However there is little time for most physicians to provide meaningful guidance on dosing, titration, strains to treat specific conditions, potential contradictions with prescriptions, and the myriad of other essential information required to ensure a safe, effective and positive cannabis experience.


Rise aims to fill that void through education, consultation, and inspiration. 



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Coaching and Consults

Why should cancer patients seek a qualified cannabis consultation before using cannabis?

The advice found in many online forums, websites (or from your aunt who "knows someone who used cannabis during cancer treatment, and here's what they did!") while well intention-ed, can be very dangerous. 

For example, did you know there are some chemotherapy and other cancer drugs that are both helped and hindered by cannabis?  Did you know that different cancers can respond differently to the same cannabis protocol? Or that some breast cancers have been known to progress on certain high dose cannabis protocols? 

Each person is unique, with a unique set of conditions such as cancer biomarkers, subtypes, supplements used, current treatment and medications, past medical history, and on and on.

Schedule a consult to ensure you're getting the right advice for YOU! 

One-on-One Consults

Get meaningful, evidence based guidance to integrate with your current treatment. Includes a personalized action plan with dosage, best consumption methods, recommended strains and mindfulness work that can accompany cannabis use. Importantly, the consultation also includes a thorough review of current medications to ensure safety and avoid interactions.

Survivor to Thriver 90-Day Program

This guided, one-on-one program will give you the tools to face fears, connect to your bodies innate ability to heal, transcend past trauma and move forward to a life you know in your heart you were meant to live. This program combines conscious cannabis with mindset, neuroscience, movement, meditation, and nutrition.

Specialized Cancer Focus

 Cannabis use with cancer is a fast growing area of research, and comes with ever evolving best practices. I focus much of my research attention on the use of cannabis in cancer treatment, as well as mind-body principles shown to improve outcomes and quality of life for cancer thrivers. 

Personalized Action Plan

Both the one-on-one consultation, and the 90-day Survivor to Thriver coaching program include a personalized action plan. This gives you the information you need to get started safely and effectively including dosages, timing, best strains, consumption methods, tracking journal and mindfulness practices. 

Evidence Based Approach

Cut through the confusion and the (well intentioned) misinformation found online. For example, did you know that the idea of 'ratios' of THC to CBD is outdated in many situations involving cancer? All recommendations you'll receive here are supported by the latest research and clinical trials.

RISE Alchemy

Rise offers workshops, private lessons, and home parties in cannabis based medicine making, and whole food canna-cooking.

This service is for anyone who wants to learn to use cannabis for wellness.

*This is only available locally*

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RISE Memebership

Become part of a sisterhood of cancer thrivers focused on whole-person health

Guidance and evidence based best practices for cannabis use during treatment, healing, and beyond

Monthly live Q&A with experts in the filed of integrative cancer care

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Recipes and articles related to cannabis and mind-body connection, as well as interviews with wellness leaders and fellow thrivers. 

Updated regularly with new and relevant content. 

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